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International pay as you go SIM cards for GPS tracker

As we have already mentioned a lot of times, you need a SIM card for your GPS tracker. Without a SIM card, your GPS tracker will not work. But you don’t need a mobile phone contract, a cheap prepaid (pay as you go) solution is enough for a GPS tracker. We have checked various suppliers in Europe as well as in the USA. You can find the summary here. The prices and terms may change in future. All prices and plans are actual on September 6th, 2019.

GPS tracker sim for the USA


Guide to GPS Trackers for Cars in 2019

Real-time GPS

Guide to GPS Trackers for Cars in 2020

Global positioning system (GPS) GPS car tracking device are portable devices. That allow fleet managers, parents, and vehicle owners of all kinds to monitor and track their cars and trucks.

Real-time GPS trackers for vehicles are capable of providing instantaneous speed and location data. While less expensive options record this type of information for later use. With some GPS vehicle trackers. It’s even possible to set up real-time alerts to go off whenever a driver speeds or deviates from a specific area.

GPS Trackers


What is dark side of automobile THECARGPS GPS trackers in 2019 ?

Of course, there is the dark side of automobile GPS trackers, too. Some might use them without the vehicle owner’s knowledge to keep track of where the vehicle goes and when.

If you suspect that’s the case, you can always try to locate GPS tracker that’s hidden on your car.

Trackers require sim card service, THECARGPS

If you can think of any situation where you might want to know where your car is, or where it has been. Then you might need a GPS car tracker. The only caveat is that most of these trackers require sim card service to provide you real-time location data.

GPS trackers


Global positioning system

New trend of Advantages of GPS Tracking System in 2020

GPS tracking systems are believed to be an incredible invention of the modern time. People. Who rely on its assistance to find their routes in a new city. Are now moving forward to make most of its advanced usages. With GPS systems, people can track their most precious possessions ranging from their children to their laptops and vehicles.

At present, GPS technology has moved up

At present, GPS technology has moved up to a more advanced level and has various roles to perform in law enforcement. Besides, emergency services as well as in different commercial industries. Ranging from GPS vehicle tracking to GPS personal tracking and GPS kids tracking. However, GPS systems have addressed almost every possible need of the potential users. With THECARHPS, you get a variety of best tracking software to meet your particular personal and business need.




With THE CAR GPS Tracker, you can locate, track and find all kinds of stuff. Whether people, handbags, bicycles or cars. The FINDER always shows you the current location.

So you never have to worry about your property or your loved ones again.

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