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GPS Tracker

The best gps device tracking system for vehicles without any limit on the tracking distance

Protect Your asset - Best vehicle tracking system

Possible places to install a GPS device, It can locate and monitor any targets remotely by SMS, mobile APP and auto tracking system without any limit on the tracking distance! It adopts the most advanced technology of GPS and LBS dual positioning.

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Built-In Powerful Magnet

Built-in with 5 pcs strong magnet allowing for flexible mounting on any vehicles or asset. Perfect auto tracking system

Real-time GPS tracking on Google

Use GPS + LBS double positioning technology to achieve all day real-time vehicle tracking system

tracking system for vehicles

History Route Playback

The apps and web server can record the upload date of the device up to 6 months, and you will playback the history route at any time tracking system for vehicles

The best real-time tracking system on the market.

Remotely Voice Monitor

Send "Monitor+Password" to the device first, then the device will turn into monitor mode, Now if you make a call to the SIM number in the machine, it will pick up your request automatically and you will monitor the voice around the device!

Dropped Alarm

There has an anti-removal induction sensor on the back side of the device. If this covered induction sensor is not covered again, the device will send " Loosing Alarms!" to the admin number and SOS number by SMS. Auto tracking system

What is Clients Say

Why you need to buy our GPS real-time tracking system

Andrew V. Stewart

C.E.O. at ACER Media

tracking system for vehicles, my vehicle is expensive and stands at a risk of being stolen then you need a car GPS tracker. Even with vehicle insurance, you might not be covered for theft and kidnapping. GPS car tracking is a much better solution and it is cheaper as well. The tracker offers a computerized security check on the vehicle and sends frequent updates regarding the whereabouts of the car.

Alex Bjorkman

Vehicle owner

real-time tracking system,  For those who usually travel alone and have to pass through secluded roads and byways, the GPS car tracker ensures that someone will always know where they are. They can rest easy knowing that if they ever get stranded without cellular service, their family members or employers will know where they are and send help.



auto tracking system, Parents can install the GPS tracker on their teenaged child’s car to monitor their driving behavior and keep a check on wherever they are going. This also helps them analyze if any petrol is being wasted by looking at the traveling history and other car indicators.